Q: I looked at my roof and saw that nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Is that not sufficient enough?

A: Roofing systems must be physically inspected by someone who has training and experience to determine if there is actual hail damage. Insurance companies send their adjusters to special training so they can properly identify hail damage to property, unfortunately there is not much ongoing training for the roofing or home inspection industries.

Q: I’m not missing any shingles. So do I have damage?

A: Missing shingles is related to wind damage claims and can happen during a hail storm if the winds are high enough. However hail damage is insidious in nature and may not physically cause leakage for years after a hail storm.

Q: My roof is new so it’s covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, home builder, or contractor. Right?

A: Manufacturer’s specifically name hail as an exclusion to their product warranty, so do home builders and roofing contractors. Newer roofs can actually be more susceptible to hail damage versus older roofs due to the time it takes a new roof to cure from exposure to the elements.

Q: I was told my roof has minimal or very little damage and therefor I don’t need to file a claim. Is this true?

A: If your roof has any damage what-so-ever you have a valid insurance claim and should file with your insurance company. Damage might not cause your roof to leak for years. This is why it’s important to have a qualified person inspect your roof.

Q: Do you pass the Texas windstorm inspections in the windstorm district?

A: Yes, we put 6 nails in each shingle which is the standard for the Texas windstorm inspection.

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